Breakthrough NeuroTechnology.

Ocula AI™ delivers objective point-of-care neurological assessment technology using cutting edge artificial intelligence.


Our bleeding edge, proprietary Ocula AI™ technology provides point-of-care assessments for a variety of presentation contexts.

Ocula AI Engine™

Purpose built from the ground up by an experienced team of technologists, our proprietary engine fuses deep machine learning and advanced computer vision to craft brand new, world leading medical diagnostic support technology.

Early access

We're opening up early access to medical professionals interested in exploring objective, point-of-care ocular assessments in their daily practice.

Request an invitation.

The beta program is free, will last for up to six months, and requires zero financial commitment. All we ask is to be provided with regular feedback and feature requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past three years we've been conducting continuous research and development driving new breakthrough technology. The company is still operating in stealth mode so it's understandable that you may have a few questions. If your answer isn't here, reach out to us directly.

What exactly am I signing up to access?

The short answer is at this stage we can't be any more explicit than we have been so far. Given the sensitive nature of our world leading breakthrough technology we have to keep everything under wraps for a little longer.

Who is behind Ocula AI™?

Ocula is a wholly owned subsidiary of Equinox Ventures - a private, Australia-based, bootstrapped venture studio run by Ben Richardson and Brendan White. Other ventures in the portfolio include Labflow and Comply Group.

Are you currently looking for investors?

The Research & Development for Ocula is currently well funded. In mid to late 2023 we will begin conversations for raising external capital to fuel growth and new market entry to allow us to make the the most our first mover advantage.

What about privacy and cyber security?

We have the correct expertise in place to meet the highest privacy and data security requirements with ease. We also have privacy and cyber security enhancement packs to support government and military standards (e.g. IRAP).

When will the community version be available?

Most likely sometime in 2024. That said, we'll be rolling out our solution for organisations in 2023 which is likely to alsoencompass community organisations and non-profits as well.